Impressive gardens at Downing College

Hidden away in the heart of Cambridge, you will find Downing College's 20 acre site contains an impressive diversity of gardens, lawns, trees and flowers, from the expanse of the Quadrangle lawns, to the unusual mixed borders of the Sunken garden and the rich assortment of trees in the Fellows' Garden.

Limes, maples and a dawn redwood in the Paddock offer further variety, whilst the wild flower habitat lures bees and butterflies and the hazel spinney attracts wildlife. 

East Lodge Garden

The East Lodge Garden has an extensive collection of trees, such as birch and snake bark maple with their ornamental bark and an Indian bean with its large floppy leaves and thin green pods. 

Rose Garden

Through an archway, pillar crabs, irises and clematis can be found in a secret Rose Garden, alongside breeding and feeding bird boxes and bumblebee nesters.

Wildlife at Work Award

In 2019 Downing College was delighted to win the Wildlife Trusts Wildlife at Work award, following a host of new features for wildlife implemented by our talented Gardens team, such as meadow areas, feeders and diverse planting. The College is committed to creating an environment for the benefit of the whole college community, as well as the visiting and residential wildlife.

We were also pleased to win the category of Best Use of Recycled Materials for Wildlife at Work for our beautifully crafted bug hotel, which shows how objects can not only be given a new lease of life but can also be incredibly useful.

Jack Sharp, Head Gardener said: “We are delighted to have won two awards, which serve to highlight our commitment to creating an environment which has a positive impact for our Fellows, students, and everyone who visits. We will continue to develop and use environmentally friendly practices throughout the Gardens and Grounds department and make improvements to the site.”

Plan of Downing.

Image gallery of Downing gardens