Tutorial and Admissions Office

Should you have any enquiries in relation to your studies you can drop in to the Tutorial Office on B Staircase. The office is open Monday to Thursday, 从早上9点到下午5点, and Friday 9am to 4pm (closed for lunch between 12 noon and 1pm).

More information on the Tutorial and Admissions Office can be found here.

Student support at Downing

There are many people who are able to help you depending on your needs. During the working day you can always come to the Tutorial Office, which is staffed throughout the week, for advice - the Academic Registrar, Sarah Pickard, and her team will be able to direct you. Alternatively, for health concerns, you are welcome to book an appointment with Nurse at the Wellbeing centre where the team is overseen by the Head of Student Wellbeing, 凯特博士丹尼尔斯. Out of hours, the Porters are always willing to assist with acute problems that cannot wait.

Undergraduate student support

As well as day-to-day issues, every undergraduate student has two specific contacts who are formally responsible for you, represented by the encircling arcs in the schematic above. The person who oversees your academic progression is your Director of Studies. If you have any particular academic difficulties, that have not been addressed by your supervisors, they are likely to be the first person to raise them with. Your Tutor ensures that your pastoral and other needs are met. They will usually do this by signposting you to the right person in the team who can help you – if it is more convenient you can contact them directly if you wish – and your Tutor will be able to follow up on any longer term issues. It is the Tutor’s role to make sure you are represented in the College and University, and they will write on your behalf (for example for grant or bursary funding, or for exam allowances).

Email contacts

Tutorial and Admissions Office: tutorial-enquiries@dow.3wpthemes.com

Wellbeing team: studentwellbeing@dow.3wpthemes.com

College Nurses: nurse@dow.3wpthemes.com.