Downing College is a place of welcome, of diversity, and of inclusion.

The fellows, staff, and students of Downing College believe that all forms of discrimination and racism are unacceptable. Not only do they divide communities and undermine social cohesion, they prevent individuals from achieving their full potential, to all of our detriments. We acknowledge that the responsibility lies with each of us to robustly challenge discrimination and to assert the positive value of diversity. We stand together with any of our fellows, staff, and students who are adversely affected by discrimination.

We fully support the Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen J Toope’s statement that ‘Any words or actions that suggest talent is determined by colour, or by gender, or by sexual orientation are wrong, and have no place at Cambridge’, and that ‘Equality and diversity must become deeply and irreversibly embedded in the University’s core work – whether it is education, research or administration.’

Read our Anti-Racism Statement here.

Guidance on how to report incidences of racism at Downing College.

Read more about our anti-racism campaign, launched in the 2021 Michaelmas Term.